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Open Access Journal: Eugesta [Journal on Gender Studies in Antiquity]

[First posted in AWOL 18 December 2011. Updated 17 December 2014]

Eugesta [Journal on Gender Studies in Antiquity] 
Le recours aux concepts de sexe et de genre développés dans les Gender Studies a considérablement transformé les recherches dans le domaine de l’Antiquité en ouvrant un nouveau champ extrêmement fructueux sur le plan culturel et social. Dans la mesure où elle est à l’origine de conceptions et valeurs auxquelles se réfèrent les constructions d’identités dans les cultures occidentales, l’Antiquité est un lieu d’application de ces théories tout à fait particulier. Les travaux menés sur les relations entre hommes, entre hommes et femmes, entre femmes, et sur les façons de construire le féminin et le masculin, ont jeté sur le fonctionnement des sociétés et cultures antiques, un éclairage nouveau, qui est aussi d’un intérêt capital pour l’étude de la réception de l’Antiquité dans les cultures occidentales.
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The increased attention accorded to concepts of sex and gender developed by work in gender studies has powerfully transformed research in to the ancient Mediterranean past, opening up a new extremely fruitful field of cultural and social analysis. Inasmuch as many ideas and values responsible for shaping the construction of identities in later western societies originate in antiquity, applying gendered theoretical perspectives to the texts and artifacts surviving from the ancient world antiquity offers particular benefits. Inquiries conducted into the relations among men, between men and women, among women, and on modes of constructing what qualifies as “feminine” and “masculine” have brought a new illumination to the distinctive ways that ancient societies and cultures functioned, an illumination also of major relevance for research on the reception of antiquity in western cultures.

Numéro 4 | 2014

Davide Susanetti Collera, crisi politica e soggetti queer. Da Antigone a Dioniso [Résumé][Texte intégral]
Anne-Sophie Noel Femmes au vase sur la scène tragique: enjeux dramatiques et symboliques [Résumé][Texte intégral]
Allison Glazebrook The Erotics of Manumussion: Prostitutes and the πρᾶσις ἐπ’ ἑλευθερία [Résumé][Texte intégral]
Anna Foka Material Girls: Humor and Female Professional Seduction in Greek Literature and Culture [Résumé][Texte intégral]
George Kazantzidis Callimachus and Hippocratic Gynecology. Absent desire and the female body in ‘Acontius and Cydippe’ (Aetia FR.75.10-19 Harder) [Résumé][Texte intégral]
Brooke Holmes The poetics of anthropogony: men, women, and children in Lucretius,
book five
[Résumé][Texte intégral]

Sanjaya Thakur Femina Princeps: Livia in Ovid’s Poetry [Résumé][Texte intégral]
Rebecca Langlands Pliny’s “Role Models of Both Sexes”: Gender and Exemplarity in the Letters [Résumé][Texte intégral]
Anise K. Strong A Christian Concubine in Commodus’ Court? [Résumé][Texte intégral]

British School at Athens YouTube Channel

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The British School at Athens organises a number of events each year to illustrate the work of its members past and present. These are presented at Conferences and Workshops, Public lectures, Upper House Seminars, BSA Seminars in collaboration with other Institutions, Fitch-Wiener Seminars in Archaeological Science, BSA Friends Lectures. They are held in Greece or the UK. Since 2011 a select number of these have been made available to a wider audience through video or audio recordings archived on the School’s website. There are also links to a number of Video tours and montages highlighting aspects of the School’s work.

Open Access Journal: Archivo Español de Arqueología

[First posted in AWOL 31 October 2009. Updated 17 December 2014]

Archivo Español de Arqueología
eISSN: 1988-3110
ISSN: 0066-6742
Archivo Español de Arqueología, fundada en 1940 por Antonio García y Bellido como rama especializada de Archivo Español de Arte y Arqueología (1925), es una revista científica de periodicidad anual que publica trabajos de Arqueología, con atención a sus fuentes materiales, literarias, epigráficas o numismáticas. Tiene como campo de interés las culturas del ámbito mediterráneo y europeo desde la Protohistoria a la Alta Edad Media, flexiblemente abierto a realidades culturales próximas y tiempos fronterizos. Se divide en dos secciones: Artículos, dentro de los que tendrán cabida tanto reflexiones de carácter general sobre temas concretos como contribuciones más breves sobre novedades en la investigación arqueológica; y Recensiones. Además, edita la serie Anejos de Archivo Español de Arqueología, que publica de forma monográfica libros concernientes a las materias mencionadas (ver índice de volúmenes publicados y títulos en formato eBook).

Founded by Antonio García y Bellido in 1940 as a specialized branch of Archivo Español de Arte y Arqueología (1925), Archivo Español de Arqueología is a scientific journal that annually publishes articles on Archaeology that focus on their material, literary, epigraphic and numismatic sources. Its field of interest includes Mediterranean and European cultures from Protohistoric times to the Early Middle Ages and is flexibly open to upcoming cultural realities and border times. The journal is divided into two sections: articles - which include both reflections of a general nature on specific topics and shorter contributions on developments in archaeological research - and reviews. In addition, the journal publishes monographs concerning the aforementioned subjects in the series Anejos de Archivo Español de Arqueología (see the Index of published volumes and titles in eBook format).


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Bibliography of Mesopotamian Astral Science

Bibliography of Mesopotamian Astral Science